Some people are motivated by uplifting quotes. “You can be all you set your mind to be,” and other assorted gems. Others have a preference for a somewhat edgier outlook. They find depth in irony because it talks to a more unexpected truth.

VERO VONN is the fruit of collaboration between a witty writer, going by the name of Mantessa, and Anyes Galleani, an urban pop artist based in Los Angeles, California.

VERO VONN is offbeat and gritty. They are not afraid to venture into the dark side, but they do not dwell there long. They are sarcastic, but never cynical. Their underlying belief in the human species is upbeat, but they do not shy away from pointing out the weaknesses in human behavior. The motive is to have you see a subject unvarnished and unidealized. VERO VONN is fascinated by the inconsistencies of the human spirit.

Our art is for sale! We offer prints on a variety of substrates as well as original & custom mixed media art created from any of our images or text designs. For more details, please email us at verovonnart@gmail.com


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